Updates on our projects (as of April 2015)

By April 27, 2015Blog, Slider

Site 1, barangay Agujo in Daanbantayan:

The construction of the 74 houses and the Multi-Purpose Center have been completed. The site now needs site development (concrete roads and sidewalks, drainage and water distribution system etc) for families to be able to move in.

FP-UA will be fundraising the P 3,300,000 needed to complete the site development of Site 1 in order to turn over the village to the beneficiary families as soon as possible.


Houses are completed on Site 1

Site 2, barangay Paypay in Daanbantayan:

The construction on Site 2 is well under way with 98 houses (out of 128) currently being built, and the site development 80% complete. The construction of the multi-purpose center and the clinic is expected to start this coming month. This site should be ready for turnover by June this year.

small Relocation site 1 Ongoing progress of building 128 houses

Site 2 Under construction

Site 3, barangay Cayang in Bogo:

The location for Site 3 has already been selected. This site will comprise 100 houses, built on the same Hyperbolic Paraboloid house design as on Site 1, as well as a multi-purpose center.

FP-UA still needs to fundraise 26M pesos in order to cover the cost of 50 homes as well as the cost of site development for this site.


A site has been selected in barangay Cayang, Bogo City.

If you would like to contribute to one of our projects, please don’t hesitate to contact us at coordination@fpua.ph