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October 2015

Turnover ceremonies of Site 1 and Site 2 in Daanbantayan on November 6

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Two years after typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines, the two first FP-UA villages are ready to be turned over to their beneficiary families.

On November 8 2013, typhoon Haiyan devastated the Visayas and France-Philippines United Action was subsequently created in order to coordinate the relief and rehabilitation efforts lead by the French business community.

FP-UA focused on rehabilitation and relocation projects in Daanbatayan, North of Cebu, which was badly hit by the typhoon.

Today, two villages of a total of 202 sturdy homes are ready to be delivered to families in Daanbantayan.

The first village is a partnership with Habitat for Humanity Philippines, which built 74 disaster-resilient houses specially designed by Architect E. Florentino as well as a multi-purpose center in barangay Agujo.

The second village in barangay Paypay is a project led by the French and Philippine Red Cross, in partnership with FP-UA and Habitat for Humanity, and include 128 houses as well as a livelihood center, a day-care center and a barangay health center.

These two villages will benefit families who lost their homes during typhoon Haiyan or communities who still live in dangerous zones during cyclones such as the seashore.

From the onset, the benefits of these projects were envisioned to endure the long term. The houses were specially designed to withstand up to intensity 8 earthquakes and 275-300 kilometer-per-hour winds.

FP-UA would like to thank all of its partners for their contribution and support to these projects. Thanks to you, families in Daanbantayan will now live in stronger and safer houses which will protect them from future storms.

FP-UA’s new partner on Site 1: ParexGroup, Inc.

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ParexGroup, Inc is the newest partner of FP-UA. It is donating some of its DAVCO K10 PU Plus product, a waterproofing coating, for Site 1, barangay Agujo, in Daanbantayan. Habitat for Humanity Philippines, will spread the product on the roofs of the houses to increase their resilience to rain.

This village includes 74 permanent homes and one Multi-Purpose Center. It is part of a rehabilitation and relocation project which will benefit families who lost their homes to typhoon Haiyan in November 2013 and/or communities that still live in zones at risk during cyclones such as seashores.

FP-UA would like to thank ParexGroup for its contribution to this project and for helping us provide better and safer homes to the people of barangay Agujo in Daanbantayan.

ParexGroup's product, DAVCO, will be spread on the roofs of the houses on Site 1 to increase their water resiliency

ParexGroup’s product, DAVCO, will be spread on the roofs of the houses on Site 1 to increase their water resiliency

Company Profile

ParexGroup has more than 30 years of experience in the building industry, more specifically in facade protection and aesthetics, floor preparation and tile setting and concrete repair and waterproofing.

ParexGroup was founded in 1979 and up to 2001 was the Specialty Mortars division of French industrial Group Lafarge. In the 1990’s, LANKO and DAVCO products are introduced in the Philippines by distributors – Dextra Phils., Wise, Romtech and VSL Phils. Since 2001, ParexGroup is a division of Materis, the construction chemical company founded when Lafarge divested its specialty materials arm.

ParexGroup Inc. officially started operations in the Philippines and established its project sales and marketing office in 2008, offering a wider range of products and services to its clients. Their liquid plant started operating a year after and, in 2011, a powder line started operating as well.


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