ESSILOR MANUFACTURING PHILIPPINES INC. won CSR Creative Award at CCI Business Awards 2018

By Patrick Martinet (

During the “Business Awards Night Ceremony” June 7th, 2018 organized by CCI France-Philippines, Essilor Manufacturing Philippines Inc (EMPI) was recognized for its Corporate Social Responsibility actions by France-Philippines United Action through their Executive Director, Ms. Elodie Turpin.

This Special Price and Award, recognizes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) actions conducted in 2017 to contribute to eradicate uncorrected poor vision and “improving lives by improving sight.”

This 2018 Business Awards Night organized for the 30th anniversary of CCI France-Philippines has honored innovative actions across all industries as well as social contributions through their commitment to community and environment’s sustainability. This special award given to EMPI is in effect a recognition for all the actions done by Essilor companies in the Philippines.

Patrick Martinet, EMPI Managing Director, informed that among the 7.4 billion people around the world who need to protect and preserve their vision, if only from the harmful effects of the sun, more than 4.6 billion of them really need vision correction to improve their sight (due to myopia, presbyopia,, etc. ). But only 2.1 billion have access, leaving room for a large population of 2.5 billion people with uncorrected vision problems.

This is the reason why Essilor decided to eradicate uncorrected poor vision. So a broad program was launched through Essilor Vision Foundation and supported by the group’s different entities in more than 100 countries worldwide.

In 2017, around 20,000 people benefited from EMPI’s visual screening, about 40 % have needed vision correction, and destitute people as well as school children were awarded eyeglasses.

All these actions have been made possible with the strong support of local opticians and full involvement of many EMPI’s employees who are proud to contribute to the Essilor Group Mission.