We follow a specific process and adapt to each company needs and requirements

Consultation FPUA/Company


Each company has different values and visions.

During a meeting, the team assess and understand your CSR interests to be able to propose and suggest projects that match your requirements.

Community and NGO sourcing


Depending of the advocacies you are interested in, we identify the community who will benefit your social projects.

We source within our network of trusted NGOs to identify the organization who we will collaborate with for each specific project.

Proposal of projects


We develop and design tailor-made projects, in cooperation with our partner NGOs. We foster partnerships and believe in working hand in hand for creating impactful and sustainable projects.

We propose you projects that address the needs of philippine communities in line with your company values.

Validation and Implementation


The company chose the projects they are interested to support and FPUA in collaboration with the identified NGO partner implement them.

FPUA is present all along the implementation of the project.

Monitoring / Reporting / Evaluation

We monitor the actual project progress as compared to the planned project progress.

We keep the company donor updated in each steps of the project implementation.

Whether it is a short term or long term project, we assess its impact on the selected beneficiaries.

Communication and Visibility

Because your social efforts shall be known by the wider public, we communicate on your actions.

Through our social media, website, newsletter, brochure we ensure the visibility of your projects.

We also organize events where we share about your social programs to help the underprivileged communities.


We share our partners with you.

We have strong partnerships with digital agencies, photography and videography companies, and press contacts who offer preferential rates to our corporate partners.