Updates on our projects in Daanbantayan (as of October)

By October 17, 2014Blog, Slider
Site 1:
The constructions on this site in barangay Agujo, which will comprise 74 houses and a multi-purpose center, have progressed well. It is now 59% complete; amounting to 43 houses already built.
The constructions are expected to be completed by December just in time for families affected by typhoon Yolanda to celebrate Christmas under safe and resilient roofs in their new homes.
Site 2:
As for Site 2, the project aims to build 128 houses on the relocation site in barangay Paypay as well as 20 more houses for onsite constructions. In addition to the houses, the village will include a community center and a clinic.
Constructions are expected to start this month and will end on June 2015.