Updates on our projects (As of July 2015)

Site 1, barangay Agujo in Daanbantayan:

The construction of the 74 houses and the Multi-Purpose Center have been completed. The last phase needed is the site development (construction of concrete roads and sidewalks, drainage and water distribution system etc) in order for beneficiary families to move in.

Thanks to Lafarge and Megacem’s donations, the construction works for site development are now funded and the village will soon be completed.This last phase will be executed by SERGS Cooperative, a partner of Habitat for Humanity Philippines, and will take 2-3 months.

Site 1 in barangay Agujo, Daanbantayan

Site 2, barangay Paypay in Daanbantayan:

The construction of the 148 houses on Site 2 are well under way with 75% of the site now complete. The constructions of the multipurpose center and the clinic are expected to start this coming month (July). This site should be ready for turnover by September this year.

image2 2

Site 2 in barangay Paypay in Daanbantayan


image1 2

Work in progress on Site 2, barangay Paypay in Daanbantayan


Site 3, barangay Cayang in Bogo:

This site will comprise 100 houses, built on the same Hyperbolic Paraboloid house design as on Site 1, as well as a multipurpose center and a basket-ball court.

The first 46 houses of this projects will be funded by Cit├ęs-Unies France. FP-UA still needs to fund raise 30M pesos in order to cover the cost of the remaining 54 homes, the multipurpose center, a basket ball court as well as the cost of site development for this site.

Bogo Cebu Site Photos

Site development sketch from Habitat for Humanity Philippines


If you would like to contribute to one of our projects, please don’t hesitate to contact us at coordination@fpua.ph