Inauguration of the first houses of third FP-UA village on March 17

By March 2, 2016Blog, Slider

After delivering its two first sites in November, the FP-UA Foundation, together with its partners and the Municipality of Bogo, will inaugurate the first houses of a third site in Bogo City on March 17.

Back in November 2013, Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Visayas and France-Philippines United Action was subsequently created in order to coordinate the relief and rehabilitation efforts lead by the French business community.

Two years after, on November 6 2015, two villages of a total of 202 sturdy homes were delivered to families in Daanbantayan.

Today, a third French village is taking shape in the municipality of Bogo in Northern Cebu. Part of the funds come from our partners Cités-Unies France and Total Philippines, but also from a donation announced by President Hollande and made to FP-UA during the business luncheon organized by the Makati Business Club on February 26, 2015.

Thanks to Habitat for Humanity Philippines, which is our implementing NGO partner, this village will include 46 houses as well as a multi-purpose center. In an effort to build resiliency against the effects of climate change, which was the aim of President Hollande’s visit to the Philippines, the structures are designed to resist up to 275-300 kilometer-per-hour winds. This, in fact, is the same Hyperbolic Paraboloid house model used on Site 1 in Daanbantayan. The beneficiary families will be communities living in precarious conditions in zones deemed dangerous during natural disasters.

We are looking for additional partners to contribute to this project as the multi-purpose center and the site development still need funding. If you are interested to become a partner of FP-UA on this project, please don’t hesitate to contact us at