Meet our Beneficiaries

Last November 14, the French photographer Arthur Perset visited the villages of FP-UA in Cebu. He met some of the future beneficiaries of the site currently being built in Bogo City and listened to their stories. He also talked to the current beneficiaries of our very first village, the “French Village” in barangay Agujo in Daanbantayan where 76 families now live. Here are their stories.

Future beneficiary families from barangay Sambag in Bogo City

Arthur Perset web-1 copy

Maximino from barangay Sambag in Bogo City in front of his current house. Barangay Sambag is a slum next to the sea. He has been selected to be relocated in the FP-UA relocation site

Arthur Perset web-2 copy

Maximino and his dog inside his current homes.

Arthur Perset web-6 copy

Richard, Nenette and their child Hyacint in front of their house in barangay Sambag. They have also been selected as one of the beneficiary families to be relocated to the FP-UA village.

Arthur Perset web-8 copy

A home in barangay Sambag. This barangay has been identified for the selection of beneficiary families because of the poor conditions in which people live in there and its proximity to the sea. It is a “no-build zone” and a very dangerous area in times of typhoons.

Arthur Perset web-9 copy

Another home in barangay Sambag, Bogo City.


Ongoing constructions in barangay Cayang in Bogo where the Foundation’s relocation project is located

Arthur Perset web-13 copy

Future home being built

Arthur Perset web-15 copy

Ongoing constructions. Once completed, the village will be composed of 46 homes as well as a multi-purpose center.

Arthur Perset web-16 copy

Workers onsite.

Arthur Perset web-18 copy

Workers on site

Arthur Perset web-23 copy

A worker on site.


Visit to the first rehabilitation village of FP-UA in Daanbantayan Municipality, also in the north of Cebu Island

Arthur Perset web-27 copy

Menita and her children in their new house.

Arthur Perset web-32 copy

Menita and her children in front of their new house in barangay Agujo in Daanbantayan

Arthur Perset web-34 copy

Arlene and Nanay, two neighbours in the French Village in Daanbantayan.

Arthur Perset web-35 copy

Neighbours chat in front of their houses in barangaya Agujo, Daanbantayan.

Arthur Perset web-37 copy

Kids of the French village

Arthur Perset web-44 copy

A mum and her kid in the French village.

Arthur Perset web-45 copy

Ms Cuyos taking a stroll with her kid through the village.

Arthur Perset web-47 copy

The French village in Daanbantayan. This village was inaugurated in November 2015.

Arthur Perset web-48 copy

On the left side, the family Cuyos and on the right side, the family Fortunato.

Arthur Perset web-56 copy

Analene visits her former village, which was very close to the sea.

Arthur Perset web-57 copy

Analene visits her former village, which was very close to the sea.

Arthur Perset web-58 copy

This is one of the homes in her former village.

Arthur Perset web-63 copy

The village was very close to the sea. Most of the beneficiaries lost their homes there during typhoon Haiyan because of the storm surges.

Arthur Perset web-65 copy

Analene in front of her former house.

Arthur Perset web-69 copy

A street vendor parcours the French village, where Analene and her family have been relocated, looking for clients.

We would like to thank Arthur Perset for taking and sharing these photos.